Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What I’m Watching: Supergirl

Supergirl: Season 2, Episode 19 “Alex” (B)

There’s nothing like taking her sister to get Supergirl riled up. Recently, she went back to work after being bored with her spare time, and there wasn’t a mention of her journalistic career in this hour as she devoted all her attention to trying to find Alex. Obviously, she and Maggie were going to clash about how to do it, and Maggie came very close to breaking a prisoner out of jail just to make sure that she could save her girlfriend’s life. That was quite the tender moment that Maggie and Alex had when they thought that they might not see each other again, and it’s nice to see that their relationship is only getting closer after surviving some hurdles such as different feelings about Valentine’s Day and Alex’s struggle to come out. I was pleased to recognize Gregg Henry, a fantastic part of “The Riches,” “Hung,” and a handful of other projects as Peter Thompson, who ended up being a good guy who came through at just the right moment to save the day and reveal Alex’s location after the box filled completely with water. A memory wipe by Hank is a simple and convenient solution, and this may well be the last we’ll see of Alex and Kara’s disgruntled classmate. It’s too bad Kara was so distracted that she couldn’t speak to her friend Lena, who had exactly the right sense not to trust Rhea and only after not reaching her friend for counsel did she decide to give in and work with her for what she believes – and definitely isn’t – designed to help improve the world.

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