Wednesday, May 17, 2017

What I’m Watching: Sense8

Sense8: Season 2, Episode 3 “Obligate Mutualisms” (B+)

Our sensates did a strong job of following up on the upper hand that they were able to seize by working against Whispers to go directly to the source. Having Whispers relay messages for them and cut himself out of the exchange, something that he didn’t want to do which led to them subverting him by texting the superior directly, was a huge power play that worked out pretty well. While Will’s meeting at the museum gave him plenty of information, Whispers managed to send one of his fellow sensates there to kill the man he was speaking to and try to take him out too. Sun had quite the brush with death, which let us see every member of the cluster with a noose around their neck, quite an unsettling sight that fortunately didn’t end fatally. In fact, she’s now in much better shape, freed from her confinement thanks to some expert bus driving by Capheus. As usual, the music on this show and in that scene in particular was top-notch. It’s always intriguing when we meet members of other clusters, and Wolfgang getting to know someone with whom he was able to have a certain kind of sex was definitely interesting. It was good to see Jonas again, and nice to know that he’s still out there and kicking. On a less optimistic note, Lito was flying so high after his double-date premiere, and to walk in to work to find his morality clause invoked against him took him down so much in a way that make it very hard to bounce back.

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