Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What I’m Watching: Sense8

Sense8: Season 2, Episode 5 “Fear Never Fixed Anything” (B+)

It’s affirming and exciting to see the sensates putting together a plan to take down BPO and to wage war against Whispers in a way that will awaken the world to their existence. There were a few setups that didn’t really lead anywhere direct in this episode, like Capheus being pushed against his will to run for office and Kala failing her father’s test of whether she was listening when she acknowledged each absurd thing he said. Lito got a chance to be embraced fully by a community that wanted to welcome him in his new public identity, something he’s still not comfortable with, and Bug was able to gush over the beloved actor with him listening in right next to him via Nomi. Bug’s suggestion of e-death for Nomi seemed to be a good one, and now she might be able to move more freely without fear of being constantly tailed and followed. Sun’s brother has declared war on the air, feigning sympathy for his criminal sister and pleading with her to turn herself in, and her anger is sure to be helpful in getting some aggression directed towards enemies of the other members of the cluster. The most significant moment of the episode, as has been the case with each hour this season so far, came at the very end, as Riley braved a public setting to spread a message of hope and even found another sensate appearing briefly on stage with her. She and Will just barely outran Whispers, but it’s clear that they accomplished the start of what they wanted to, which is a huge success.

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