Sunday, May 28, 2017

What I’m Watching: Jane the Virgin (Season Finale)

Jane the Virgin: Season 3, Episode 20 “Chapter Sixty-Four” (B+)

Talk about a lot of developments in this hour to set season four in a while direction! Jane getting ordained as a minister and then being at a loss as to what to say was a mere subplot, and Rogelio and Xiomara were able to get married after all despite everything stacked against them. Darci showing up seven months pregnant was terrible timing, but luckily we didn’t even have to wait for Rogelio to step up and do the right thing, refusing to be swayed by her sudden return and declaring right away that he was going to be contacting her through a joint lawyer with Xiomara. Jane got to read the letter from Michael that she didn’t know existed, and apparently it came to her from a very unlikely source: Jane’s first love, who will likely feature heavily into at least the start of season four. As anyone who’s read my reviews knows, I’m #teamrafael all the way, and it seemed like Rafael was being incredibly romantic in his courtship of Petra, firmly choosing her over Jane, but that wasn’t what was happening at all. Luisa and Anezka sharing a taxi was the worst thing that could possibly happen for their siblings, since now Anezka is reading to kill Petra and a furious Luisa is taking the Marbella back from her brother because he tricked her. The revelation that the real Eileen killed Scott because he had seen Rose moments earlier and could have blown their whole deal was intriguing and actually makes a lot of sense. As always, this show is a terrific source of unique entertainment. I look forward to its return next year!

Season grade: A-
Season MVP: Gina Rodriguez as Jane

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