Tuesday, May 16, 2017

What I’m Watching: iZombie

iZombie: Season 3, Episode 6 “Some Like It Hot Mess” (B+)

So I guess Blaine has been lying this whole time. I’m not sure I buy that completely, but it does make some sense that he would try to reset everything when he had the chance. It’s crazy that he was changed enough to confess his lies with no coercion to Peyton, though of course the fact that she resents him is exactly what’s going to trigger him to return to a life of villainy. The most important revelation is that the cure does work, and now Major is able to enjoy ice cream and keep his memories. The idea that Liv might be able to be cured has never even crossed my mind, mainly because that’s the entire basis of this show. Her excitement at the possibility of returning to a human life was truly exciting for her, and therefore Major telling them that he gave away his spare syringe was such a devastating way to end the episode since it resets everything back to zero. On a lighter note, I did enjoy the fact that both Clive and Liv rolled their eyes as soon as they realized what they were going to be in for with this latest mess of a brain. Liv stitching her cell phone into a cadaver and drinking and DJing at the club were pretty fantastic moments, but my favorite one was Liv walking into the interrogation room and telling Joel “we’re detectives, we detect things.” I also liked the “Entire Foods” uniforms that the characters were wearing at the start of the episode.

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