Friday, May 19, 2017

What I’m Watching: Veep

Veep: Season 6, Episode 5 “Chicklet” (B+)

I wasn’t sure how I felt about this episode part of the way through when Selina and Mike were trashing the house, but that comes with the territory on this show. Mike was only in Selina’s good graces for a little while, edging Gary out for her attention, and the moment that he stopped listening eagerly to all of her stories and questioned one of the many inconsistencies she had described, he was ousted and even had his letter of recommendation appropriated for someone else to curry political favor. I also wasn’t too fond of all this Jewish humor, but if all it really means is that Jonah doesn’t want to say pork because his new girlfriend, who is completely redoing his wardrobe, directing his politics, and bossing him around, is Jewish, I think I’m okay with that. Selina’s wax statue was a disaster, and of course she’d really be the butt of crude sexual photos than be next to Gerald Ford. Dan may be a terrible person when it comes to his treatment of women, but Jane is also being manipulative, not interested in stooping to the level of sleeping with him but more than happy to spread the rumors to keep herself relevant. My favorite part of the episode was Richard being asked to serve as the sperm donor for Catherine and Marjorie. Not only do he and his father both hate butterscotch, he also got to experience something exciting for the very first time that made the women he’s going to help become parents conclude that he’s such a pure soul.

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