Thursday, May 11, 2017

What I’m Watching: iZombie

iZombie: Season 3, Episode 5 “Spanking the Zombie” (B+)

I feel like we’ve seen of a version of this before, back when Liv ate the brains of an erotic novelist and was channeling “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Having her act like a dominatrix the whole time was a bit different, I guess, and the funniest part was Clive’s reaction to everything since he definitely didn’t respond the way that all of the other men did. The sketch artist at the police station was the most subservient, though the former weatherman didn’t keep his desires suppressed all that much. Ken Marino’s lawyer Brandt Stone was the one who resisted most, and even tried to deny facts and then, upon finding out that they had been proven, promptly changed his story in the most legally careful way possible. It’s interesting to see that Liv’s visions are getting even longer, and we got to see one or two of them from someone else’s perspective in this hour as she stared blankly while she was recalling someone else’s memories. Major’s condition is worsening, and I think that the cure might not necessarily wipe his memory. You’d think that he could have recorded videos to himself explaining what his life was like, since it’s rare that someone knows that they’re going to lose their memories. Ravi could use a win right about now, and he doesn’t even know that Don E is up to no good increasing the zombie population in Seattle. I like that we saw more of Andrea Savage’s Vivian Stoll in this episode, and eager for her to be featured as much as possible.

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