Monday, May 8, 2017

What I’m Watching: Life in Pieces

Life in Pieces: Season 2, Episode 20 “Ear Scorn Registry Manuscript” (B-)

The majority of these segments focused on the whole family dynamic and how twisted it is, with one child being the favorite and any semblance of secrecy or discretion going out the window the minute a second person knows anything that isn’t supposed to be shared. Tim was obviously going to blab about a spider crawling out of Colleen’s ear, and everyone just made it worse because they didn’t just let it go, particularly Greg, who very stupidly made a big show of naming Matt as the one it happened to, though of course it wasn’t actually him. Colleen trying to hire Jen to help her sue Tim was a funny development that of course didn’t happen, mainly because Jen’s disgust with the whole thing got her figured out right away. After ruining that situation, Greg then got to be the favorite when he got caught in a lie when he tried to claim that he had read Joan’s book and somehow earned her praise since he gave her a useful idea that no one who actually read and enjoyed the book managed to do. I’m never a fan of segments involving Dougie, and the fact that she didn’t do well shopping for items off a registry should hardly be considered a surprise, and certainly not one worth devoting any more time to here. Jen invading Heather’s social circle was somewhat predictable, but the fact that she respected what Heather wanted and immediately blew up the relationship with just one text was a nice sign of solidarity with her sister-in-law.

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