Friday, May 26, 2017

What I’m Watching: Making History (Series Finale)

Making History: Season 1, Episode 9 “Body Trouble” (B)

I do wish that this wasn’t the final installment of this show, but I would argue that it was far from the best sampling. This show is a comedy first and foremost, and therefore it’s not a surprise that its tackling of the serious issues – or rather, science fiction issues – involved with time travel wouldn’t be the priority. I liked when this show first started exploring that a few episodes back and would have loved to see more of it, but I guess this is all that we’re going to get. Dan going to Dr. Cobell to show him the duffel bag time machine was never a great plan, and the esteemed intellectual having a heart attack when they were in the bag was an unfortunate development. Dan going back minutes and minutes earlier after that only made things worse, and the sight of him with five dead Dr. Cobells in the car was pretty absurd. I liked the logic of no one ever thinking to check the sky, and Deborah suggesting that they should bury the dead bodies in another time was actually pretty smart. Hancock and Adams were insanely over-the-top characters, but they worked. My favorite of all was Deborah, whose passion for ice cream, including a scooping inventory that somehow didn’t result in all of the product melting, was truly inspiring and transcendental of time periods. I wish this show was continuing, especially since we didn’t see Natalie Morales’ intrepid reporter at all. I can’t imagine this will be high on anyone else’s list of cancelled shows to bring back, but I’ll be rooting for it as I fondly look back at one of the most enjoyable comedies of the season.

Series grade: B+
Series MVP: Leighton Meester as Deborah

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