Saturday, May 27, 2017

What I’m Watching: Supergirl (Season Finale)

Supergirl: Season 2, Episode 22 “Nevertheless, She Persisted” (B+)

I didn’t see this episode’s title until I sat down to review it, and it’s a much more overt political statement, echoing Elizabeth Warren being stifled in her passionate argument against Jeff Sessions, than this show usually tends to make, Cat’s “fake news” dig aside. This episode was very much about standing up to oppressors, and Kara managed to power through kryptonite being wielded at her to make an incredibly difficult decision and save the planet. Mon-El has been a surprisingly strong addition to the show this season, and this was quite a formidable way for him to go out, sent away in a shuttle doomed to never return to Earth after his mother turned to stone and then crumbled. Kara made a heartfelt confession of love to Mon-El as he was getting into the pod, and it’s clear that they got very close and both helped each other a lot. I’d be happy to see Mon-El return, but I’m not sure how that could feasibly play out. It was very sweet to see Alex propose on the spot because she felt so close to Maggie, and I guess there’s a wedding in store next season! Even Hank got some romance with a returning M’gann. Cat, in a welcome return appearance, gave Kara a great pep talk, and it turns out that she does know that her scrappy former assistant is Supergirl. The flashback to the pods being launched on the last day of Krypton suggests that we have a new major villain coming next season, but that’s for another time. This has been a solid second season and I look forward to season three.

Season grade: B+
Season MVP: Melissa Benoist as Kara

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