Thursday, May 4, 2017

What I’m Watching: Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin: Season 3, Episode 16 “Chapter Sixty” (B+)

It’s fun to have this show back after almost a month on hiatus. There was a lot happening in this episode, with each character navigating more than one plotline. Jane’s passing crush on Fabian turned out to be something far more substantial that has implications for all of the characters’ relationships. I like that he’s actually really nice and that, despite Rogelio being insecure that he was moving on his telenovela stardom, it turned out that he was a big admirer of the famed actor. Jane is completely ready to have sex with Fabian now that she has Rogelio’s approval, but it turns out that Rogelio isn’t nearly as ready to move on as his daughter is, since he really did consider Michael to be his best friend. Jane publicizing everything that’s happened to her so that she can sell books is a reasonable development given how sensational it’s all been. I enjoyed the hashtag “telenovelaandchill” which underscored Alba trying to slow down the relationship with Jorge, and it was very sweet to see him tell her that he didn’t want to break up and that they should stay together without having sex. Rafael bugging Luisa’s room so that he could make sure Rose didn’t contact her was a great plan, except for the fact that she was rightfully suspicious and was very sly to pull her shirt up over her head so that she could get rid of his AC guy when he walked in while she didn’t have her mask on. As if there’s not enough Solano-adjacent drama, apparently Anezka is in prison! As the narrator would say, oh boy!

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