Monday, May 8, 2017

What I’m Watching: The Catch

The Catch: Season 2, Episode 8 “The Knock-Off” (B+)

It definitely doesn’t make sense to me that Felicity could have been shot by Rhys in his hotel room and somehow she wouldn’t have died – and could have managed to get away – but I suppose it’s possible that he had a minion do his dirty work for him and dispose of her body, which may have been what saved her life. Either way, she’s back in a big way, not backing down when Tessa showed up and tried to insult her before participating in a major con with Margot and then taking what she wanted for herself anyway. Rhys is completely clueless about it, and with the big reveal about Agent Diaz’s husband, I think that he’s going to finally make his move on her just as Felicity returns to make things especially complicated. It’s amazing just how duplicitous people can be on this show, with Ethan’s new fiancée turning out to be a con woman of the lowest order, using Alice to make it seem like she had a huge investor pull out that made it so that Ethan had to come in and save the day. Wanting to put Alice on exclusive retainer is a big deal, and Ben tried to be reasonable with him and got the answer about just how much Ethan is willing to fight. Danny wasn’t too bright to not bother to let the elevator doors close before he started going at it with Margot, and now she seems completely ready to be done with him just as he’s starting to feel slighted and embarrassed. I think Sophie is a much more appropriate choice for him.

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