Saturday, May 20, 2017

What I’m Watching: Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin: Season 3, Episode 21 “Chapter Sixty-Three” (B+)

Well, that relationship ended hard and fast, and in quite a messy way. Jane was all ready to break up with Fabian, and then she saw that he had access to a white horse, which, in retrospect, was a silly reason to stay with him. The fact that he was wearing a wig when he was being rude to Rogelio and then nearly had a brawl with him made it easier to bear, since the mindless but kindhearted lug didn’t seem capable of that kind of fury. Jane’s attempt not to meddle in another relationship went well at the start, but then she unleashed her opinion full-force. Petra’s reaction to the fake news she overheard Rafael telling Luisa on the phone was telling, and now they might be able to stay together after all. Jane did have a more influential role in the preparation for her parents’ wedding, telling off Jean and Luc when they tried to quash her mother’s dreams. Rogelio’s inability to show up for some of the more formative wedding planning moments isn’t all that promising, but generally things between the two of them seem to be proceeding along decently. One romance that’s been decidedly cut short is that between Luisa and Eileen, mainly due to the fact that the police’s trap worked and got Eileen arrested and unmasked for the Sin Rosestro she really is! I’m not sure what that means for Luisa and for the show going forward, but in the words of our narrator, oh boy!

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