Thursday, May 4, 2017

What I’m Watching: Supergirl

Supergirl: Season 2, Episode 18 “Ace Reporter” (B)

I don’t think I’m as invested in Kara’s career as a journalist as she is or as this show is, and therefore I’m not as into these intrepid reporter episodes. It’s clear that, without a day job, Kara is bored out of her mind, and was ready to go after people for doing something illegal in order to stop crime just so that she’d have something to do. Fortunately, Lena was ready to stop by and inject some excitement into Kara’s life by inviting her to an event being put on by her ex. I couldn’t believe for a second that Jack was a bad guy since he was played by Rahul Kohli, who spends most of his time on another CW show, “iZombie.” It took me until I sat down to write this review to realize where I knew Beth from, and that’s from Clauda Doumit’s role as Jiya on “Timeless.” I wasn’t so into these nanobots attacking everything, and I’m more intrigued to see what happens as a result of Lena being driven to vengeful thoughts and Rhea stopping by at an opportune time to corrupt the one good Luthor left. Lyra hasn’t turned out to be a terribly good influence for Winn up to this point, and now that she’s no longer acting evil because she’s being forced to, she’s still doing some troublesome things which, unsurprisingly, didn’t go over too well with James. The Guardian has enough going against him without having a trigger-happy alien he can’t control with him at all times.

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