Monday, August 28, 2017

Emmy Episodes: Saturday Night Live

It’s always my policy to watch every Emmy-nominated episode each year, which leads me to sample a handful of shows that I don’t tune in to on a regular basis. For the second year in a row, I’m making a special effort to spotlight each of those installments to offer my perspective on shows that I don’t review each week.

Saturday Night Live: Season 42, Episode 6 “Dave Chappelle/A Tribe Called Quest” (B+)

I had already seen the cold open of this episode, which I think is the most fitting way this show could possibly have handled Donald Trump’s shocking win. You have to imagine that the writers and performers on this show didn’t have a contingency plan for if he won, and for them to put this together is all the more impressive. Both Kate McKinnon and Dave Chappelle are nominated for this episode. It’s easy to predict that McKinnon will win for that piano-playing segment in the cold open, and she also did a great job with physical comedy as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, pouring a whole lot of Emergen-C powder into her mouth without any water, which was quite a sight that didn’t let up. She really is very funny, and after her win last year, I think she’s a safe bet to repeat. Chappelle also did a pretty commendable job, interjecting a few jokes into a mostly serious opening monologue about shootings, saying Obama did a great job, and wishing Trump good luck. The stand-up comedian was solid as the black guy watching the election with Chris Rock and presumably entertained his fans with a throwback to his old show with a parody of Negan and “The Walking Dead.” One of the last segments was a great showcase for both McKinnon and Chappelle as they played depraved people flirting in a bar who pretty physical at the end of it, showing their desire to go the distance for a joke.