Friday, August 4, 2017

What I’m Watching: I’m Sorry

I’m Sorry: Season 1, Episode 4 “Goddess Party” (B+)

I was very happy to see Allison Tolman in the opening scene of this episode since I’m a big fan of the “Fargo” actress and relieved to see her in something – anything – better than the horrific “Downward Dog.” Maybe she’ll play more of a part at another point in the show, but in this episode she was really just there to send Andrea on a tirade about the ridiculousness of a goddess party. I enjoyed Andrea’s attempt to buy the cheaper stones only to guilt herself into the original choice. Her participation in the goddess party was extremely uncomfortable, and her decision to go again despite not having anything all that useful to say either time was unfortunate. Comparing Nazis to Harry Potter probably wasn’t the smartest decision either, and I like that Mike pointed out that she was patting herself on the back for solving a problem she caused in the first place. Her nanny Olivia is pretty entertaining, offering unsolicited comments about her hair, barbs aplenty and amusing Andrea to no end, and I loved the focus on the hot nanny next door who both Jocelyn and Andrea found incredibly attractive even though she was initially concerned that it would be the men who would fall for her. Mike noting that, according to her, his Achilles heel was potato chips and hers was another man was funny. Andrea is pretty good about making things that aren’t a big deal at all into something, and this was an excellent case of that.

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