Tuesday, August 8, 2017

What I’m Watching: House of Cards

House of Cards: Season 5, Episode 10 “Chapter 62” (B+)

Now that Conway is officially out of the race and out of the picture, we’re seeing quite a few faces from the past reemerge to present a serious challenge to the Underwood totalitarian regime. Hearing names like Jackie Sharp and Remy Danton is reminiscent of comparatively calm times for this show, back before Frank and Claire had isolated themselves from everything in their quest for world domination. Now they’re listening to two new people – Mark Usher and Jane Davis – neither of whom seems to be the straight shooter that they claim to be. Usher’s motives in particular don’t make all that much sense, and given the big shift he made from trying to get Conway elected to being the voice in Frank’s ear, it’s hard to know who he’s going to end up being loyal to. Seeing Walker again had an appropriate buildup and it’s definitely true that he probably would have pleaded the fifth if not for Frank showing up to remind him that he took him down just because he could. Walker is under no illusions, and now he’s ready to go to war with Frank for ruining what he believes could have been an impactful political term. Aidan showing up to see Leanne and then getting killed felt more like a hallucination than anything, but it’s evidently much more connected to reality. Tom is dangerously close to uncovering just how guilty Doug is, and I’m worried for his safety as a result, especially considering just how bold he’s being in confronting the well-connected chief of staff.

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