Thursday, August 17, 2017

What I’m Watching: Loaded

Loaded: Season 1, Episode 5 “The Boat” (B+)

Spending 3.9 million pounds on a boat – excuse me, yacht – isn’t going to solve the problems that this team is having. But putting them in a new environment was helpful in drawing out some other issues and having them all talk about them. Ewan doing a terrible job flirting led to the ground crew member being more aggressive, only Ewan hilariously had to pretend to be their butler so that he would think of him on the same level. Getting exposed by an extremely high Watto was unfortunate, but it was sweet that, thanks in part to Leon putting in a good word, they took a little swim together and maybe this relationship could go somewhere. Leon didn’t get much good news, particularly when he discovered where the red stain on the couch came from. Putting acid in the water so that they could be a bit more amped-up was a terrible idea, though it did seem that Watto took some comfort in the conversation he had with the Chinese fisherman he thought was his mom. Josh was initially furious to hear that Leon had an ex-Mossad agent following Abi, but then he was all too eager to use the drone once he got suspicious. Fortunately, he didn’t blow that, and it seems like they’ll be fine going forward. Naomi got herself busted pretty quickly when she tried to e-mail Casey from Leon’s computer, and good for her for letting loose and standing up to Casey, which immediately got her a raise while she continues doing the same thing.

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