Friday, August 11, 2017

What I’m Watching: Dark Matter

Dark Matter: Season 3, Episode 10 “Built, Not Born” (B+)

As this season of assorted unconnected plotlines continue, it seems that things are taking an especially dark turn given the twist of the final scene. We learned some very important, previously unknown information in this episode, specifically about who the Android is and why she’s such a part of the crew. I think Two was just as surprised as we were to learn that she and Dr. Shaw, the woman who created the Android – and has her same face – were apparently in love. Seeing each member of the crew through the memories that were shared with the Android as they realized just how close they were to her was informative, and it makes sense now that she’s so ingrained to everything. Dr. Shaw having an accent was helpful since she didn’t seem to be all that much like the Android, and it was clear that Two felt a connection to her even though she couldn’t understand why. The Android telling Three that she likes that he speaks his mind with no thought of consequence because they have that in common was a nice moment. The suggestion that Sarah should given an android body was a very smart one since she was sure to go crazy in her consciousness-only existence. The only problem is that it turns out that Dr. Shaw and her android army are actually evil. The crew of the Raza has more than enough enemies, and now it seems that people - or not quite people, I suppose - that they thought were friends are actually just another threat they'll have to contend with.

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