Saturday, August 12, 2017

What I’m Watching: Loaded

Loaded: Season 1, Episode 4 “Watto’s Mum” (B+)

This show keeps dropping parent after parent, and it’s not getting tiresome because they’re all different. Josh’s parents weren’t all that interested in him coming into a large sum of money since they just wanted their normal Disney vacation back, and as soon as she showed up, Watto’s mom appeared to be all too casual about his major windfall, even faking tears to drum up sympathy from her son. Ewan was all over that, even accidentally kidnapping someone because he was trying to look out for his friend, who in the end couldn’t get the perfect relationship he wanted with his mom, leading to another somewhat dramatic ending that this show has proven itself to be pretty good at lately. Leon’s black tile pool is his latest ridiculous purchase, but he was doing pretty well for himself, getting promoted to the John Lennon of the group. Hiring a professional clapper to join him at the dinner with the emperor seemed like the smart move, but it turned out that the rather unpolished Abi, who is quickly becoming my second favorite character (after Leon), was the most valuable player, licking the emperor’s spoon in the most literal way and getting him to endorse their newest game. I love that Casey told Josh to eat shellfish so that he’d have an allergic reaction, though I much preferred Leon’s initial idea to order dessert on fire to get the emperor’s attention, a thought kyboshed by Casey because it would show that he couldn’t even eat dinner in the right order.

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