Wednesday, August 23, 2017

What I’m Watching: Loaded

Loaded: Season 1, Episode 6 “The Red List” (B+)

There’s a clear lack of equality when it comes to the workload that our four friends do, and it’s pretty obvious that Ewan is the lowest-ranking. I don’t think that calling him the Moby of coding was necessarily a compliment, but Ewan is also in exactly the right place. Callum coming to his workplace and telling him how he should feel was a great impetus for Ewan to work up some courage to tell him that he needed to leave. Watto was lonely for the entirety of the episode, trying to get a random guy on the street to come fishing with him and then adopting a dog that died immediately. Josh was probably looking for something to be wrong with whatever investor decided to back Abi’s idea, and watching her get groped and then shake it off as a necessary evil of the industry only made matters much worse. Let’s hope that he respects what she said to him about doing this on her own and on the merit of her ideas and calls off Naomi’s guy. Leon making it onto the list was an extraneous boost to his already inflated ego, and getting to tell Casey that she didn’t make it at all after he hit her in the face with a golf club should have been a fantastic opportunity. Yet his casual conversation with a guy who made shorts – films not cargo – revealed that a place on the list is meaningless, as gloriously announced by Casey in her formative takedown of everyone at the party. Her backup operation seems quite robust, and I wonder how that’s going to affect our team as the season closes out with its final two episodes.

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