Saturday, August 26, 2017

Take Three: Atypical

Atypical: Season 1, Episode 3 “Julia Says” (B+)

Sam has moved on from obsessing directly over Julia and is now trying to figure out how best to go about impressing his practice girlfriend. Neither Zahid nor Elsa have too much idea of what Sam actually wants to wear, with Zahid dressing him in things that make him uncomfortable and Elsa treating him like a child, getting herself banned from the store allegedly for being a good mother, though really for pushing way too hard when the place wasn’t willing to accommodate what she thought Sam needed. My favorite line of the episode was “it’s one hundred percent cotton, which is my favorite percentage of cotton.” That terrible leather jacket made him very uncomfortable later on in the episode, and he didn’t even bother to acknowledge the girl who complimented his shirt aside from a quick thank you. Casey was pretty open with her father about her new relationship, and he of course overreacted when his colleague told him that he’d love being a grandfather. Unfortunately, looking at one family photo album was enough for Evan to point out that her father wasn’t in one photo, which it turns out was because he left the family for almost a year, something Sam was well aware of but was enough to crush Casey, who now wants to run on her own. It doesn’t help that Elsa actually did sleep with Nick, and her mind isn’t anywhere close to her family at the moment since they’re not paying much attention to her anyway.

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