Wednesday, August 2, 2017

What I’m Watching: Casual

Casual: Season 3, Episode 10 “Cake Walk” (B+)

It’s crazy to see just how quick these siblings bounce back from what seemed like a relationship-destroying encounter. Val was so upset at Alex for infringing on something that was supposed to be “her thing,” but then she went up to Fresno to try to meet him, wasn’t too fond of him, and still managed to throw how nice he was in Alex’s face when she saw him. After they ran into each other, they immediately made plans to have a double-date, which in the world of adults who have real places to live means someone hosting and cooking rather than going out to a restaurant. Somehow, things were mended enough for Val to call Alex from the massage parlor to clarify what exactly is normal in the industry, something he wasn’t able to help with and which she quickly got clarified for herself. The dinner party wasn’t so bad until Alex decided to launch into a tirade about why sex addiction isn’t a real thing, and even though it was uncomfortable to watch, at least it helped get Alex and Judy back into a passionate mood that did the trick for them in the car. Judy has certainly come a long way from feeling like she couldn’t date Alex to joking about how she is HR. I’m a huge fan of Greer’s, so I’m totally fine with her sticking around as long as possible. Laura is a truly terrible babysitter, but if drinking someone else’s alcohol and indulging in a musical solo are relatively responsible behaviors compared to what she could be doing and has done in the past.

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