Wednesday, August 9, 2017

What I’m Watching: I’m Sorry

I’m Sorry: Season 1, Episode 5 “Acts of Service” (B+)

One of the fun things about shows about comedians playing themselves, or a version of themselves, is that the crude nature of their humor doesn’t always jive with the family lives that they lead. Andrea’s efforts to make jokes at school with the other moms is the best example, since everyone else was saying something that seemed like it might cross the line yet only her comments about things like having heroin in her bag get angry looks from the other judgmental parents. Certainly some of this show’s humor, like the ending conversation about rape, aren’t up my alley, but it works in the context of this show and of how Andrea turns it into comedy gold. Having a very inappropriate picture on her slideshow of daughter pictures to prank Kyle every time probably isn’t the best idea either given how easy it was for her daughter to stumble upon it. Talking about the book on love language was funny, and Mike’s efforts to be ahead of the game and always offer to do things for Andrea were highly entertaining. I like that they were able to be honest with each other and point out just how much it didn’t feel right to do it, and I think they really have to question the advice their therapist gave them. Finding out that her father was in an open relationship with Bonnie was quite a shock for Andrea, and I think she read a bit too much into the excitement of romance with that and with her encounter with the makeout dentist.

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