Monday, August 21, 2017

What I’m Watching: Dark Matter

Dark Matter: Season 3, Episode 12 “My Final Gift to You” (B+)

How quickly things change on this show after people have vowed to kill each other. Boone delivered Two straight to Four, who seemed more than ready to execute her if the crew of the Raza didn’t give him the blink drive. Two was able to gain the upper hand but got undercut by an assassination attempt on the emperor and then, by episode’s end, she was saving him from certain death at a treacherous Misaki’s hand and then getting ready to shoot him back on the Raza. After he got his memories back, Four changed, and it’s not clear what’s gotten him back to some semblance of the person he was. Obviously whatever he told Three about his role in Sara’s death was scarring enough for Three to get his clone body shot so that he wouldn’t remember it, and the revelation that Two had a daughter with the Android’s creator is huge news that changes everything considering the fact that a criminal space-marauding ship is hardly the place for a young child. Five recognizing Teku and seeing a kindred spirit in him thanks to Four’s memories was interesting, and I suppose it’s helpful to have a guide on who to trust in a royal court filled with deceptive and murderous elements. Nyx has now been avenged, so I see no reason that Four couldn’t rejoin the crew if he does some serious atonement, though I’d imagine Three will have something to say about that. And the Android really has to warn her human friends, who just acknowledged that they value her opinion as a member of the crew, about the impending android revolt.

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