Tuesday, August 8, 2017

What I’m Watching: Casual

Casual: Season 3, Episode 11 “Firesale” (B+)

Well, this all happened very fast. I guess we hadn’t really seen much of Leah aside from her giving Val life advice and looking at her phone a lot, and I think that this whirlwind engagement was presented in a way so that we the audience would feel like Alex and Val, so completely blindsided by this even though Leon has been such a steady presence in their lives. Leah proposing to Leon was a bit of a shock since it’s no conventional in our age, but Leon seemed truly moved and hastily said yes. Val becoming a bridesmaid and getting put on an instantly overwhelming text chain made it seem like Leah was totally crazy, but it’s probably just the family that she chose and their sorority style. Alex is doing his best to become less selfish, and giving Leon an office in his house was the kind of thing that makes him worthy of the best man or groomsman honor that he didn’t receive. Judy seems really taken with him and enjoyed herself at the party, though every time he tries to bring Clark into his life in too big a way, I get worried that she’s going to bolt. Jack isn’t handling the way Val is feeling all that well, and she’s obviously reaching out to other less healthy sources for support. Laura selling her mom’s table probably wasn’t the best plan, and I’m cringing thinking about what’s going to happen when she gets to Sacramento, especially if she has a run-in with Casey’s wife.

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