Tuesday, August 22, 2017

What I’m Watching: Episodes (Season Premiere)

Episodes: Season 5, Episode 1 “Episode 501” (B+)

I love this show, which I consider to be one of the most underrated on television, and I was wondering why it seemed like it hadn’t been on forever. That’s because season four ended in March 2015, nearly two and a half years ago. It’s great to have this show back for one final round after so long, even if it’s only for seven episodes and if all the characters are miserable. “The Box” really is a stupid show, and we know that this Matt LeBlanc values sophistication and good roles, which he can’t seem to get now that he’s been pigeonholed into this talentless hosting job. His misery and boredom led him to bring alcohol onto a set – never a good start – and then perform simulated sex acts which, thanks to Merc’s vengeful nature, have now appeared on live television. Normally, he’d be fired, but something tells me this is only going to improve the ratings. Tim’s awfulness does seem a bit exaggerated, as he comes up with the worst ideas and then seems to dwell on the most mundane of minutia just to be annoying. Sean and especially Beverly are made out to be the crazy ones since everyone else seems to be okay with working late every single night, and so I hope that people wise up to his inadequacy soon. Beverly checking in on Carol is nice, demonstrating how their friendship has evolved, and the onetime powerful executive has really fallen a lot lately. Her banter with Beverly about being Jewish was entertaining, and I hope to see her in whatever state she’ll be in the rest of this season.

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