Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What I’m Watching: Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black: Season 5, Episode 10 “The Reverse Midas Touch” (B+)

If last episode was a horror installment, this episode got back to more of what this show was about, returning to some of its most disturbing content since Humphreys made Maritza eat a baby mouse. I’m not trying to justify anything, especially the treatment of the guards being held hostage, but Piscatella is just continuing more of the needles revenge on inmates who didn’t even really do anything to him. As he was busy physically tormenting Red in front of what he called her family, it was extremely helpful to have a flashback to a nicer, younger version of him who immediately connected with a male inmate and then transformed into a monster as a result of him getting beaten, adopting the personality he had put on as a front and evolving well beyond that. Despite Frieda’s attempts to keep her group from going back to the prison, Piper’s tongue skills helped her get the tape off her mouth and scream loud enough for them to hear and for Frieda’s multitude of traps to save all of the captured group. Off her meds, Suzanne isn’t actually much different, ultimately deciding to help Maureen get medical attention and then trying to show Taystee that Humphreys was dead. Taystee did a good job of keeping Fig and Caputo focused, and the warden advocated pretty well even if much isn’t likely to be accomplished. I like that Linda and Pennsatucky bonded while in the porter pottys, but of course Pennsatucky would punch her in the face as soon as she saw her face. Stratman’s effort to save his finger was smart, and it turns out that Leanne might not be a totally ridiculous character after all. The best line of the episode was about twenty-four hour news – that it’s a great way to not have to live your own life at all.