Thursday, August 17, 2017

What I’m Watching: People of Earth

People of Earth: Season 2, Episode 4 “Always a Day Away” (B+)

The group made quite the effort to help Ozzie sneak away to go meet Walsh, and what a scene it was seeing Agent Foster go up on stage and sing a very heartfelt and obviously emotional karaoke rendition. One of the things I love most about this show is that its characters manage to help each other, and I think that Gina’s offer to help Agent Foster work through her issues with being an orphan is sincere, and even though right now she’s furious about being deceived, she may end up taking her up on it. It was also cool to see Don in the distance and have Agent Foster realize that she knew him from a memory since she too is apparently an experiencer! Don coming down to Earth to talk to Kelly was really great, and the fact that she reacted so poorly every single time when he kept erasing her memory, in the style of “Men in Black,” and telling her that he was married wasn’t the best resolution but seemed to be the only one that didn’t end with her freaking out. Father Doug and Chelsea were looking to move forward with their relationship, but it seems that leaving the church isn’t something that’s so simple. The most surprising development of all came from the Cube’s attempt to test Jeff by forcing him to get rid of Kurt’s body. Only it turns out that Kurt isn’t dead after all, and, now that he’s back, he doesn’t feel the same way that Jeff does about him.

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