Monday, August 14, 2017

What I’m Watching: The Crown

The Crown: Season 1, Episode 4 “Act of God” (B+)

It’s interesting to be watching each episode of this right after an hour of “Stranger Things” since the pacing on both is purposely somewhat slow, but the stakes are so much different here. This episode was the strongest hour I’ve seen yet, and its focus was on the fog! The facts displayed onscreen at the very end of the episode indicated just how severe The Great Smog truly was and how many lives were lost, in stark contradiction to Churchill’s dismissal of the event as mere fog that would pass. This episode’s title was very fitting, since the role of God in both the monarchy and the weather was discussed at length, with Elizabeth, who was ready to march over to her grandmother’s when driving wasn’t an option, not quite sure where she stands on it despite her grandmother’s insistence that Philip’s notions of monarchy weren’t comparable at all. Philip’s main concern during all this was being grounded rather than completing his flight training hours once again demonstrated his preoccupation with living a normal life, and despite Elizabeth’s attempts to defend his independence, it’s becoming increasingly clear that he needs to get with the program and adjust to his new role. Venetia’s death was particularly tragic, especially after she was ready to march into her boss’ office to demand action, and though Churchill appeared legitimately concerned, he did milk the moment by calling in the press to make sure that he could rectify his public image while also doing something to help the country get back on track for the future.

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