Thursday, August 10, 2017

What I’m Watching: Wet Hot American Summer (Season Premiere)

Wet Hot American Summer: Season 2, Episode 1 “Reunion” (C+)

I guess this is technically a series premiere, since it’s considered the sequel to the 2001 movie whereas the first season of this series is actually a prequel. Yet I think it’s hard to separate the two and that they shouldn’t be considered separately. This opening installment was full of introductions, with everyone coming back to camp exactly when they said they would and being received by an enthusiastic shouting of their names in case anyone forgot. I’ll admit that I barely remember anything from the first season, and I decided to tune in to this premiere only because I invested so much time in watching the entire first season. This installment helped me realize that this just isn’t my humor, and while some of it is a tiny bit amusing, most of it just doesn’t click. I like the addition of Adam Scott as the replacement for Bradley Cooper, who repeatedly mentioned his nose job as an excuse for his completely different appearance. I also recognized Jai Courtney right away, who’s a fish out of water who I guess wanted to come join in on this ridiculous camp reunion. The adults are now at least playing adults rather than teenagers, yet Beth is still treating them all like they’re children, separating them by gender in bunks and threatening anyone who sneaks out with a promise to revoke night swim privileges. And just in case things weren’t ridiculous enough, there’s an underground bunker which seems to be some kind of spy site. I think this has been enough of this show for me.

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