Wednesday, August 30, 2017

What I’m Watching: Loaded

Loaded: Season 1, Episode 7 “The Expo” (A-)

What an action-packed and terrific episode this was. I love the relationship that’s building between Naomi and Watto, and that she asked a question he had already pondered about wanting to throw all the money in the air. Leaking the game online early was a strange move and not one that went over well with any of the other guys. Leon kept secret the fact that Casey was working on a sequel that she had already commanded him to announce, and having all the promo material ready to go was an easy indicator that more effort had gone into this passion project than just coming up with it on that very day. Ewan’s severe heel gave him a bit of confidence when he went up on stage, and it seems that his side game idea may actually have gotten him noticed, earning him both a promotion and a ride on the jet that Leon was supposed to take. Watto and Naomi interrupting the launch by showing up with cannons full of money was pretty epic, though things did devolve into chaos immediately following their arrival. Casey breaking a computer was one sign of anger, but the guys getting mad at each other felt infinitely more personal. Ewan standing up for himself and Watto expressing sincere disappointment that no one tried to get him to stay made for a melancholy parting of ways, and it looks like Abi is going with Josh even if she’s furious about the news that Leon clued her into just to be sure everyone was properly sabotaged. This could easily have been the season finale, and I’m sure that it’s not since I really want at least more episode if not many more seasons of this show.

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