Thursday, August 24, 2017

What I’m Watching: Stranger Things

Stranger Things: Season 1, Episode 6 “Chapter Six: The Monster” (B+)

This is what I like to see – every faction of intrepid question-askers coming up with theories and taking proactive steps to do the one thing they’re most obsessed with – find Will! Hopper is telling Joyce everything, and they’re realizing that the “little boy” was probably Jane, whose mother can’t get anywhere else to believe was actually born. Nancy isn’t wasting any time presenting her idea of what’s going on, and she’s more than ready to create a situation where blood can be detected so that they can lure this monster out into the open. Unfortunately, people in this 1980s world are really mean, and Steve got his revenge by writing on a movie marquee, something that got Nancy’s blood boiling and helped lead to Jonathan getting arrested. It only brought them closer together, and imagine how Mike will react when he finds out that his sister is with Will’s brother. I’m a big fan of Eleven, but I think that Dustin is actually my favorite character. In trying to keep the peace and unite everyone, he still was forced to acknowledge that Eleven making Lucas fly through the air was a little awesome. Just like Steve, the bullies who pick on the boys are really cruel, and therefore Eleven showing up to levitate Mike up from certain self-sacrificing doom was pretty damn cool and satisfying. Grabbing a bunch of food from the supermarket freezer and then crashing the door on the obnoxious employee who tried to follow her out showed how she’d function alone, and it’s good that they’re all together now, even if they’re about to be apprehended by the bad guys, unless Lucas can figure out a way to warn them in time.

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