Monday, August 7, 2017

What I’m Watching: People of Earth

People of Earth: Season 2, Episode 2 “Uneasy Alliance” (B+)

I’m loving the way things are going this season, both on earth as Agent Foster gets closer to the truth and Jeff has to contend with new management aboard the ship. It wouldn’t be easy to describe to anyone what exactly is happening with Nancy and Jonathan and the group, but I think Agent Foster thinks that it’s much simpler than that. Richard got himself arrested very quickly, and I’m not sure what Wyatt is going to do since he promised her Jonathan in exchange for Richard’s release. I find it hilarious that the police station is closed on Sundays and at night, something that Agent Foster pointed out to Officer Glimmer was extremely dangerous. Kelly seemed understandably upset that no one noticed that she went to Iceland and that she got new hair, and I feel like they’d all be much more interested if they knew that she was briefly dating an alien. Eric is a fantastic addition to the show, not too into Jeff and the way he does work and much more sympathetic to his new bud Jerry and would-be screwup Don. I like the cube’s matter-of-fact style of speaking, asking Don how incompetent Jeff is before seeming so excited to see Jerry. Jeff was clearly annoyed about this, and I don’t think things up there can last all that long the way they currently are. It’s hard to know what happened to Jerry before Eric sent him back, and something tells me he’s not going to be the same person he was when he left.

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