Thursday, August 10, 2017

Round Two: The Last Tycoon

The Last Tycoon: Season 1, Episode 2 “Nobody Recasts Like Monroe” (B-)

I want to like this show, and I think I was mostly curious about how things would look in episode two since the show is premiering a full year after its pilot originally aired. It looks and feels a lot the same, which has its positives and its negatives. The good is that it feels like it’s set in the past – at least compared to other similar projects, since obviously this reviewer wasn’t alive way back when this show is set – and its actors, particularly Matt Bomer, do a good job of playing their period parts. Unfortunately, the pacing is still rather slow, and there’s a certain gloomy darkness that hangs over the show and keeps it from really coming alive. Obviously, that has a lot to do with the times and with the highly depressed economy which is beginning to hurt even the successful movie men, who are now in danger of working for people who might be interested in doing things other than producing movies. Monroe is trying to make a big hit, but it appears there are many more problems facing him and the industry. Kathleen reacted particularly strongly to Monroe’s harsh take on the film screening, and telling him that she’d rather not be one of those things he decides to reshoot one day since it looks like it hurts perfectly summed up how Monroe deals with things he’s very passionate about. Rose and Monroe seem to have a very complicated relationship, and I suspect that’s something Pat doesn’t know about and shouldn’t find out about lest he react very angrily. Celia’s personal journey is somewhat interesting, but not enough, and the same goes for the Germany-Mayer business. This show is fine but I don’t think it’s something that I’m going to add to my watchlist at the moment.

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