Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Netflix with Abe: Stranger Things (Season Premiere)

Stranger Things: Season 3, Episode 1 “Chapter One: Suzie, Do You Copy?” (B+)

I came to the party late with this show, and I’m also someone who found season two to be much stronger than season one. I watched this episode a few months ago with plans to continue through the streaming backlog I’ve created for myself one episode at a time, but I decided that I’m going to watch all of season three starting now so that I’ll be up to date on this previous Golden Globe and SAG contender. It’s been almost two full years since I finished the second season. This opener was both informative and entertaining, catching us up on what’s happened in the interim. It’s so strange to see Mike and Eleven making out all the time and acting like a real couple, much to the annoyance of both their friends and Hopper. I like that Hopper tried to get Joyce to help him talk to Eleven, and that it went so poorly when he panicked and then threatened Mike in the car after making up a story about his grandmother. Lucas and Max’s dynamic is fun if not looking too good for Lucas, and I’m hopeful that Dustin’s Mormon girlfriend from Utah is indeed real. Everything is definitely not all good with Will, and he should really talk to someone about it, perhaps Dustin since he’s also going to have a tough time getting people to believe that he overheard some sinister Russian code on the radio. The older kids have changed much more, with Billy now the dreamboat lifeguard for all the mothers at the pool. Nancy isn’t flourishing in her low-level newspaper job, and it would be great to see her finally break through after the harsh treatment she’s getting from the chauvinistic male reporters.

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