Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Take Three: Dollface

Dollface: Season 1, Episode 3 “Mystery Brunette” (B)

I liked that this episode didn’t have too much of Jules’ imagination as she continues to grapple with being newly single, and the one real diversion it did have was a harmless game show presentation of the options she was looking at if she went to the party or stayed home and allowed Madison to make a new best friend. Jules also, to her credit, did a good job resisting picking up her ex-boyfriend’s calls, and when she learned that it wasn’t him but his sister who still wanted her to be in her wedding party, she held fast to the concept of not getting back together with him. I hope she goes through with still being a bridesmaid, though she was obviously worried enough about being judged that she went ahead and actually succeeded in keeping a secret after all of this. Madison should know better than to leaves Jules alone for even a minute by herself when she might say exactly the wrong thing to an influential reporter. I was pleased to see some interaction between two supporting characters who hadn’t previously really talked to each other, created from Stella’s apparent interest in the highly volatile and chatty Izzy. Suggesting that she try to be mysterious did not work well with the guy who had no interest in guessing her name out of thin air, but then she got tagged in the story headline as a mystery brunette, fulfilling her goal in a way she didn’t expect. My favorite line in an episode full of irreverence was Izzy telling Jules that she could “sunset a widget” to make an undeveloped technology work.

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