Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Round Two: Council of Dads

Council of Dads: Season 1, Episode 2 “I’m Not Fine” (B-)

It’s been just over a month since this show premiered, a peculiar strategy NBC also employed with “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist.” It makes some sense given that there’s almost no new broadcast network programming starting now and I can understand that NBC would want to capitalize on that. This also should also appeal to those who love “This Is Us” since this show pulls at the heartstrings in a similar way. The plot isn’t nearly as creative, however, and while it’s decent, I’m not quite sold on it just yet. There are evidently going to be problems in how this arrangement works, namely that three men who aren’t always around can’t possibly stand in for the actual father of the children who is no longer alive. But Robin did give up a bit prematurely, unwilling to see through the wishes of her dead husband to keep this replacement rotation there to help not only her children but her. JJ needing to ride a bike created friction between Robin and Oliver, though it was very obvious that was due not only to his guilt about his role in Scott’s death but more relevantly to his inability to ride a bike. Charlotte going out of town and using Anthony as a way to investigate her birth parents was bold, but his being there for her and Robin knowing that was ultimately helpful. The big reveal that Anthony is Luly’s father is certainly going to shake things up, and it’s likely going to fracture the relationship between the children since her connection to the man she always thought was her father is going to be irreversibly transformed.

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