Wednesday, May 6, 2020

What I’m Watching: Better Things (Season Finale)

Better Things: Season 4, Episode 10 “Listen to the Roosters” (B+)

After the previous episode featured Frankie’s big event, I wasn’t sure what the focus of this finale would be. In typical fashion, it wasn’t anything all that extraordinary, but instead a series of normative events made memorable by the way they played out and what they meant to the characters involved. Beginning with the unlit interviews with women about their periods framed the episode nicely, and all of her family members seemed just as excited as Jessica Barden was that she got to do this cool project. The aftermath of the game was indeed claustrophobic and intense, and it was fun to watch their careful exodus with the security guard and their eventual boarding of the karaoke cab. Duke talking to an older woman about never wanting to get married or have kids and then not seeing her was an interesting moment, and I love how that character has transformed this season. Xander showing up and finding out that the girls weren’t there led to some unexpectedly honest and blunt conversation between him and Rich, and flashing back to the previously-seen “amicable separation” talk underscored the fact that Xander really doesn’t believe he’s done anything wrong. Asking Sam for his check was ballsy, and it was great to see that, after she told him that she forgave him for her own sake, he had trouble depositing it since she had made it payable from a loser who abandoned his kids. Ending with a night swim was perfect, and I do hope that, after another superb season, we’ll get to see more of this terrific show at some point. Bring on the Emmy attention it deserves!

Season grade: B+
Season MVP: Pamela Adlon

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