Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Take Three: Dead Pixels

Dead Pixels: Season 1, Episode 3 “Betrothal” (B+)

There’s very little that would be described as healthy in Meg and Nicky’s relationship, and this episode helped to show that by demonstrating how what they do in the game most definitely reverberates with consequences in the real world. Nicky doesn’t tend to listen when anyone tells him to do something, certainly not his roommate Alison, whose sprucing up of the living room was seen as a personal affront by both him and Meg, but he does tend to get subservient to Meg in that he always wants to please her. When he mentioned the lasagna and she laughed off the idea of him having purchased puddings, he hastily dumped them all in the trash. Both of them seemed to be more into making a show of their virtual sex for Alison than they wanted to let on, and I actually that Meg seemed to realize its toll more than he did. Marrying Russell was indeed a betrayal, though it’s nice to see that someone is finally being nice to him after all the torment they’ve put him through so far. Both Meg and Nicky reacted childishly after they got offended, and good for Alison for trying to finally get through to them by telling them that she wouldn’t live with them anymore if they continued to destroy the apartment in this petty manner. The person most out of touch with reality in this episode, however, is inarguably Usman, who was thrilled to have avoided a date night with his wife and instead set her up with another man.

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