Friday, September 4, 2020

Take Three: Five Bedrooms

Five Bedrooms: Season 1, Episode 3 “Three Millimetres” (B+)

Having each of the housemates narrate one episode is a very effective and worthwhile framing device, and it was great to get to hear from the happy-go-lucky one whose life turns out to be much more complicated. Ben was walking around nude a whole lot, and he didn’t seem to have much self-awareness about the fact that his housemates all have jobs – save for Heather – and that he’s making everyone’s space his own. Going in to see Harry to apologize for sending him too many friends for skin checks led to an unexpectedly dramatic transition, one that got serious fast with the help of Harry’s calm bedside manner. To have him get really sick or die this early on would have been a rough and unwelcome pivot, and naturally things all worked out, including everyone working hard to support Ben and make the house look fabulous for Rebecca’s early visit. It was a bit concerning to see just how freely everyone, including Harry, discussed Ben’s secret past and his medical results, but he didn’t seem to mind and he did write about it in his letters to everyone. His response to Liz’s angry criticisms was decent, and he caught Heather off-guard by kissing her, something I predicted would happen. Ainsley is smart to recognize that what works for Liz doesn’t work for her, but I know that, even if she suppresses her feelings, she’s going to be very upset when she learns Heather is hooking up with Ben and that both of them are violating the no-sex agreement.

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