Saturday, September 5, 2020

What I’m Watching: Hitmen

Hitmen: Season 1, Episode 5 “Rivals” (B)

This episode was an improvement over the last two not due to its target – whose presence was a bit much in the final third of the episode where she tried to drill them all to death while they were dressed for a tea party – but because it brought in two recurring characters we haven’t gotten to know all that much yet. Whenever we saw them in the past, Liz was impatient and rude while Charles was incredibly friendly. It was fun to see them forced to partner after Jamie filled the van with half petrol and half diesel, with Jamie and Charles sitting in the back and bonding over cool features of their van while Liz and Fran bickered over directions and the like in the front seat. The weed brownies that they ate seemed like a somewhat unnecessary plot device, though it did mean that Fran and Jamie were abandoned the next morning while Liz and Charles rushed off to take out the target and get all the credit. It’s fun to see that there might be a romance brewing between Liz and Fran, though it will always be founded on the fact that Liz took Fran’s phone under the guise of putting in her personal number only to steal the location of the target instead. They also stole the van that Fran and Jamie had stolen, so there’s not much hope for honesty going forward. I’m curious if they’ll be back in the finale or if we’ll finally meet the mysterious Mr. K.

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