Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Round Two: Loot

Loot: Season 1, Episode 2 “Bienvenidos a Miami” (B+)

It’s going to be quite an adjustment for Molly to understand what life is for those who don’t have access to whatever they want at any moment, but she’s already starting to change her perspective. Maybe it was being around her new coworkers that showed her how much the people she used to associate with primarily were out of touch with what actually mattered, namely the need to not have anyone else dining even in their vicinity, to the point of buying out the entire roof so they would be forced to move inside. Bringing the whole team to Miami under the guise of a bonding retreat turned out to be a big mistake when weather grounded them in Oklahoma City and it was revealed that she just wanted to go to the party, but having them all show up at the bar next door, even Sofia, was a sign that they were willing to consider that she might have something to offer if they gave a chance. I am enjoying seeing Michaela Jaé Rodriguez as Sofia after watching her in a more serious role on “Pose,” and it was great to see that Molly knew exactly what to do to present her in the best light when she interrupted her meeting about zoning with the council member so that she could simply lighten the mood and give her unconditional approval to the woman who knows what she’s doing best. Opening with all the staff enjoying that extremely excessive pool was a fun start, and they seem to generally be happy with their admittedly out-of-touch boss.

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