Saturday, July 2, 2022

What I’m Watching: Physical

Physical: Season 2, Episode 3 “Don’t You Go Far” (B+)

This was an intense half-hour for Sheila, and that’s saying something. She evidently has a lot of baggage from her childhood that we saw towards the end of the previous season, and Wendie Malick’s Liz showed just how overbearing and unforgiving she is when she forced Maya to put on those uncomfortable shoes. The way she talked down to Sheila about the “dance tape” was cruel, and Sheila giving her mom the check to repay her loan didn’t go over very well either. Running out later while she was delirious and thought she saw something that definitely wasn’t happening in that moment was cause for concern, but at least it led to her mom taking care of her and feeding her ice cream. I was excited to see Murray Bartlett, one of the standout players from “The White Lotus,” as Vinnie Green, whose energy is a bit different from Sheila’s. Bunny waking up and stepping right in unknown liquid got her upset enough to decide to leave with Rob Corddry’s Gary, and it was great to see Tyler step up and say exactly the right thing about how they listen to women in this house, something even the despicable roommates defended. Breem was surprisingly open to Zeke’s request to go to the dance, handing him money to buy his girlfriend a nice corsage, but he was perfectly happy to throw his son under the bus when his wife confronted him about something going wrong and he spilled that secret rather than the one that would have hurt him.

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