Tuesday, July 5, 2022

What I’m Watching: Physical

Physical: Season 2, Episode 4 “Don’t You Know” (B+)

It’s hard to see Sheila in a state that doesn’t allow her to keep charging ahead with her plans and which threatens to let others get the best of her while she’s vulnerable. Opening with Vinnie showing up to surprise her in a house that wasn’t her own on a campy TV program was jarring, and it does make sense that she was watching something similar of his that could just as easily have applied to her own issues. Greta was able to be there for her and come with a nifty new whiteboard to jot down ideas, and she even stopped herself multiple times from talking about her own life, namely the threesome she had the night before with the woman who put a dish in their sex toy sink. Danny continues to think he’s the hero, sacrificing his time and energy to take care of Sheila when all he wants is for her to be open to having another baby, something she expressly said she didn’t want, and happy to flirt with the kind of woman he’d love to have a threesome with if he decided to bring it up with Sheila, something that is likely much more front-and-center in his mind than it should be. Contacting Bunny to substitute for her while her new bosses are losing faith in her ability to perform wasn’t a bad idea, but Bunny’s vengeful attitude coupled with Tyler’s apparent dirt is going to present a very big problem. Breem was surprisingly respectful when he followed her to the motel where she was binging on burgers, but he’s not likely to be quite as cooperative when he finds out that Tyler presumably has photos of him with a woman who’s not his wife.

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