Sunday, December 11, 2022

What I’m Watching: Big Sky

Big Sky: Season 3, Episode 10 “A Thin Layer of Rock” (B)

Good communication is always important, and would be helpful in a situation like this where a wife is desperately looking for the person who has promised to save her son and her husband has her tied up in his attic thinking that she came back only to give them more trouble. It’s like this show to end for the calendar year with both Jenny and Cassie walking into perilous situations, though those do tend to work out relatively well for them, whether it’s shooting someone in the head or recovering fully from a pretty bad gunshot wound of their own. Poppernak’s wedding fiasco turned out to be unrelated to the regular storyline, though it was an intense journey to find the bride attempting to bury the woman she used to call her best friend, and now Jenny has to contend with her apparently missing mother. She also handled herself very well with Carla and Emily showing up just when she was about to finally kiss Beau, and that look of sadness as she watched them while walking away indicated plenty of disappointment. They do finally know that Walter is Sunny’s child right now, but, as we can see, it’s not Sunny so much as Buck, and Avery made an unfortunate decision that prompted Tony to expressly go after his family when that wasn’t even his plan before that. Midway through the season, how much more trouble can all these people get themselves in before more innocent people end up getting killed in the process?

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