Wednesday, December 21, 2022

What I’m Watching: The Crown

The Crown: Season 5, Episode 7 “No Woman’s Land” (B+)

I appreciate the intimacy this show often offers, like in this episode with Prince William being invited to tea by his grandmother and telling her explicitly that his mother asked her to put in a good word. Her response, that it was always clear where she was because there was a literal flag flying above whatever building she was in, hardly screamed approachability, but Diana also has enough distaste for the way in which things have to be done that she wouldn’t actively seek out her mother-in-law. It is fascinating to see how she’s spending her time, and though I have some minimal knowledge from growing up at that time and recent cinematic portrayals of the Princess of Wales, I’m trying not to look anything up so that I can be somewhat surprised by the way things turn out (with the obvious unhappy ending coming around the corner). Dr. Bashir was startled by Diana’s eagerness to get to know him, and I particularly liked her showing up in a wig and holding a bag of popcorn when they went to go see “Apollo 13.” She’s absolutely being manipulated by the journalist trying to get her to tell her story, though I’d like to think that this show is depicting her favorably, which means that ultimately history gave her the benefit of the doubt. Margaret’s response to Elizabeth assuming she kept in touch with Diana was particularly enlightening, since the family member who always felt like she wasn’t exactly part of the family doesn’t want to be associated with the other pariahs.

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