Thursday, December 22, 2022

What I’m Watching: Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris: Season 3, Episode 3 “Coo D'état” (B)

I thought that Emily was going to be pulled between the two competing companies for the entirety of the season, but instead it looks like Madeline is headed home right away. Fortunately, they were able to part ways on a good note, with Madeline genuinely happy for Emily as she was quite relieved to be going home following Henri turning up the heat and setting the bird loose in the office. Sylvie was all about manipulating Henri to get what she wanted and then telling him they had to keep things professional, and she got exactly what she wanted, back into an office that was just as she left it aside from Madeline’s giant purple water bottle that she promptly dropped right in the trash. Luc expressly said that something was missing, and now Emily is staying in Paris without a job and will almost doubtless return to Sylvie’s agency within a very short time. It’s also possible that she could end up becoming a different kind of competitor, working for one of the many people she’s become close with and might complicate the nature of their relationships even more. Alfie was eager to help Gabriel keep things vibrant with Camille and didn’t mind showing Emily what he had done, which suggests that she’s really moved on from Gabriel, which happened quite fast. Mindy did find a solution for the stage fright she felt when she had to perform alone, and Benoît even figured a way to make sure that his not being able to be there didn’t change her established routine at all.

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