Tuesday, December 13, 2022

What I’m Watching: Dead to Me

Dead to Me: Season 3, Episode 8 “We’ll Find a Way” (B+)

I enjoy when these characters process what they’ve been through, like when Jen said she understood why Judy was always all confess-y. They got a little ridiculous with the concern of their “she-men” being found, but Agent Moranis being at Jen’s showing was a major red flag. I was surprised that Garret Dillahunt was only going to be in one episode after Judy stopped by to see him earlier this season, and his return was very worthwhile. I particularly liked his delivery of “I do know where to find you, obvs” and wonder whether he’s going to survive long now that Jen has shown up with potentially lethal scones. Jen and Judy scrambled to erase any evidence that could implicate either of them after Jen freaked out about her not-so-missing coffee mug, and I was pleased to see two familiar faces in the course of that effort, Karen and Jeff. Marc Evan Jackson is always a welcome presence, and seeing Christopher emerge from his trailer after Jen and Judy managed to convince him that they were doing him a favor by being their alibi. Karen was enticed by the Mexican lasagna they brought and didn’t seem to get that they were manipulating her to erase the whole cloud, but that did bring up that unfortunate confirmation that Moranis wasn’t just watching the house but actually going through her trash. He’s a perceptive person, noticing that crack in the frame, and if he isn’t taken out by Jen, then he’s likely to put the pieces together soon.

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