Thursday, December 22, 2022

What I’m Watching: Emily in Paris (Season Premiere)

Emily in Paris: Season 3, Episode 1 “I Have Two Lovers” (B)

I’ve enjoyed watching this show, a series I’ve always said isn’t nearly as bad as most people say it is. It is easy, however, to detest Emily in this first episode since she does such a remarkable job of being irresponsible. Coming in to work and not telling Madeline that she had quit was her first mistake, and then showing up to the new operation headed by Sylvie with a similar lack of transparency just made it much worse. It served Luc right for coming in to his old office to casually collect his laptop that Madeline interrogated him and he just offered up all the information she needed to come crash the big McBaguette meeting. I’m curious what kind of partnership McDonald’s has with this show since this episode was all about the advertising. Alfie leaving while Emily was pulling double duty means she’s now without two boyfriends and two jobs, though I suppose Gabriel isn’t completely out of the picture. Camille claiming that she was loyal to Emily was a questionable statement, but she does seem to believe she’s won and therefore won’t be vindictive anymore towards her friend whose boyfriend she cleverly stole back. Mindy has her own choice to make as her career might be taking off without her bandmates, and though that puts her in a difficult position, she’ll probably do a slightly better job handling the potential fallout than Emily has done so far, but I guess neat, clean choices don’t make for entertaining TV.

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